Sub regional Workshop on Protocal on Register of Polluters and Range of Pollution in Southeast Europe Tomorrow

OSCE_1The OSCE Secretariat and the UN Economic Commission for Europe will organize a two-day sub regional conference on the Protocol of the Register of Pollutants and Pollution Range (PRTR) in Southeast Europe from 28-29 May in Sarajevo.

Opening remarks will be given by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Mirko Šarović, Chairman of the meeting of the signatory parties to the Protocal on the Register of Pollutants and Pollution Range Michel Amand, Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission Nina Suomalainen, Consultant for Environmental Issues of the Coordination Office of OSCE’s economic and environmental activities Esra Buttanri and Officer for environmental issues at the Secretariat of the Aarhus Convention Theodore Koukis.

The goal of the workshop is to implement and ratify the PRTR in Southeast Europe through enhancing knowledge on legal, institutional and technical requests, as well as identifying key actors for the introduction of PRTR in these countries.

The workshop will bring together representatives of state institutions responsible for PRTR, as well as representatives of industry, academic communities, research institutions and nonprofit organizations from Southeast Europe and experts that work on PRTR in various countries, as well as international governmental organizations.

A press conference will be held in Hotel ‘Sarajevo’ on Tuesday, 28 may at 9:10.

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