Amel Sejfovic sentenced to Ten Years for Escaping from Sarajevo Penitentiary

Amel Sejfovic was sentenced to 10 years in the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo for organizing a criminal group that allowed him to escape from the Sarajevo Penitentiary. Amel Sejfovic’s escape happened on September 3, 2017, and he was arrested on September 11 at the location between Visoko and Kiseljak, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

According to the instructions of Sejfovic, who devised the escape plan, the members of the group communicated via encrypted mobile phones all the time and agreed on the details of the escape.

Among other things, they were looking for an apartment in which Amel Sejfovic was supposed to hide after the escape, determining the routes of motorbikes and cars after escaping from the penitentiary.

They procured an automatic Kalashnikov rifle, which was found during an investigation in Tusnjici. They procured a pistol that was packed in a package and fastened with a rope, lowered over the open dome on the roof of the KPZ in the gym, and then handed over to medical technician Igor Milos, who was charged with keeping the pistol in the ambulance, and then handed it to Sejfovic.

Prison guard Nikola Simic is charged with allowing Sejfovic to take the gun out of the cell, and allowing him to escape while going for a walk in the KPZ area without adequate control and supervision. After escaping, in front of the penitentiary, Amel Sejfovic was met on a motorcycle by Mirza Fazlic, who drove him to the garage in the tunnel in Hakije Kulenovića Street, and after that they drove towards Visoko.

While Amel Sejfović was hiding in the Tušnjic area, Sanjin Borcak helped him by leaving him food, clothes, telephones, SIM cards at various locations and had the task of transporting him to a safe location. Amel’s helpers were also convicted. Dzevad Hazić to seven years, Amir Ibrahim to five and Igor Milos to one year in prison.

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