Red Alert for B&H? 2.000 Immigrants arrive in Serbia Every Day

Migrants pass through Macedonia on way to EUThe number of illegal immigrants from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria who keep arriving in Serbia during past days is unbelievable. It is estimated that about 2.000 of them come every day, and there are currently 70.000 immigrants in Serbia.

The plan of the immigrants is to reach a better life via the Balkan route Greece – Macedonia – Serbia – Hungary, and further in the European Union.

In order to stop the influx of refugees, Hungary started the construction of four meters high and 174 kilometers long wall, and Serbia is already in panic due to the influx of refugees. The officials of this country also sent this message to Europe: “We are warning our European partners and the international community that Serbia is not a checkbook and that it cannot finance the exodus of these people forever”.

For the time being, the situation with the migrants in B&H is not serious to such a degree.

B&H is not on the immigrants’ route because after B&H they would enter Croatia, which is still not in the Schengen zone, which means there is border control when entering Slovenia, Austria and Hungary.

However, as the control on the border between Serbia and Hungary becomes more tightened, it is possible that the migrants will seek other routes as well.

The Service for the Foreigners’ Affairs stated that they are not “sitting with arms crossed” and revealed that the operational plan exists in case the migrants turn towards B&H. The standby is at its maximum, it was added.

The regulations are such that, if our authorities obtain the evidence that the migrants entered B&H from Serbia, they will be returned to that country. If there is no evidence or the migrants do not have the documents, they will be placed in the Immigration Center of B&H and then deported to the country of origin.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba/ photo index)

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