Renovated Bascarsija Square opened in traditional way (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Citizens and guests of Sarajevo celebrated the official opening of the reconstructed Bascarsija square with joy and happiness.

Within the central manifestation, KUD Bascarsija entertained guests by performing traditional sevdalinka songs, and all guests were treated with a cup of coffee from the world’s largest coffee pot, tea, Turkish tea and cookies.

Reconstruction of Bascarsija Square is a project that was realized from September to December this year due to dilapidation of underground installations and large damages and dysfunctionality of stone slabs on the surface of the square, which have not been changed for over 30 years.

Upon completion of these works, Bascarsija Square was paved with rectangular stone slabs made of Jablanica rhodolite, same as those with which was reconstructed streets Saraci and Bravadziluk, thus whole Bascarsija obtained the unique external appearance.

The existing public lighting has been repaired, 16 new high-efficiency LED lamps were installed, the first pillar of electric public lighting in Sarajevo from 1895 was returned, two stone benches were built and public town clock was reinstalled.

The project of reconstruction of Bascarsija square, worth about 1.2 million BAM, was equally financed by the Municipality of Stari Grad and its brotherly municipality Bursa from the Republic of Turkey. Implementer of the project was the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA).



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