Salihović Discussed With the Director of USAID Mission to B&H on Strengthening Capacity to Combat Corruption

Salihović- BarthChief Persecutor of B&H Prosecutors Office Goran Salihović spoke with the Director of USAID Mission to B&H David Barth on the cooperation of the state prosecutor’s office and USAID, which is realized in the previous period, as well as the activities that are planned to be implemented in the future.

Activities undertaken by the Prosecutor’s Office to combat human trafficking , prosecuting and punishing rape and sexual abuse committed in armed conflict, as well as combating corruption and prosecuting corruption offenses are discussed at the meeting.

Chief Prosecutor  informed Barth that the Prosecutor’s office of B&H has formed a subject, within which to explore happenings in regard to the National Museum in Sarajevo, which is an institution of great cultural and historical significance for B&H, and USAID Mission Director has expressed his support to the Prosecutor’s Office to protect cultural institutions, which are of a great importance for B&H.

Barth informed the Chief Prosecutor with future activities that will be undertaken to strengthen the capacity to combat corruption in B&H and Chief Prosecutor has support the idea of strengthening capacity to combat corruption, as one of the priorities in establishing the rule of law in B&H.

Prosecutor’s office of B&H and USAID Mission in our country have a successful long term cooperation in strengthening judicial capacity in B&H, announced B&H Prosecutor’s Office.

(Source: Fena)

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