Sarajevo to receive Passenger Planner with Information about Public Transportation

connectUseful for Citizens and Tourists: Sarajevo to get the Passenger Planner with all the Information about Public Transportation

By the end of the year, Canton Sarajevo (CS) will get the passenger IT planner which will contain all the information regarding public transportation.

Planner will be part of networked system of passenger planners of countries of the Adriatic region, which will provide visitors and travelers in the area with all information needed regarding the quickest routes for traveling and the possibilities and ways of combining different traveling methods.

Establishment and integration of Adriatic passenger platform is taking place within the framework of the project “Traveller Information System for the Adriatic Region TISAR,” whose presentation was held today at an international conference that gathered representatives of countries that are participating in the project, cantonal authorities as well as expert institutions in this field.

“This platform will unite all the information regarding public transportation in one place. Citizens and tourists will be able to simply, through the information application on their mobile phones or other electronic devices, obtain all the information regarding the public transportation,” said Minister of Transport of CS, Mujo Fiso. He emphasized that this benefit will improve the mobility of passengers, and also allow them to quickly receive information about the places they are interested in.

Director of the Agency Sevkija Okeric emphasized that this is a very important project, which is worth 2.18 million EUR. Its realization involved 13 partners, 8 from Italy, 2 from B&H, and one from Greece, Slovenia and Croatian.

Planner will allow better orientation of tourists in the canton, and it will also serve for promotion of tourism in CS.


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