School of International Business to Begin 14 March in Sarajevo

The Business Academy at the Economics Faculty in Sarajevo and the Institute for Education of the Foreign Trade Chamber (VKT) BiH is organizing an educational program entitled “Škola međunarodnog poslovanja” (School of International Business) that will begin in Sarajevo on 14 March.

The training consists of eight modules that would last 128 hours in the domain of international business: industrial politics, international trade, foreign trade, international business law, BiH economy, EU economy, finance, banking and marketing.

In addition to the training in the field of international business, participants will attend the ECDL school (European Compute-Driving License, lasting 60 hours  and the School for English Language of Business, lasting 60 hours).

The speakers will consist of members of the BiH academia, professors from the Economics faculty in Sarajevo, associates and experts from the Foreign Trade Commerce and representatives of the business community in BiH.

The program is intended for all people who are professionally tied to the area of international business, regardless of the level of expertise, announced the Economics faculty in Sarajevo.

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of the business academy from the Economics Institute and the Institute for Education VTK for completion of the program, as well as a certificate of English language and a ECDL certificate.

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