Sebastian Kurz: Austria will support the Application of B&H for Membership

Sebastian Kurz in Sarajevo radiosarajevo.baAustria will support the application of Bosnia and Herzegovina for membership in the Euripean Union which B&H will submit on February 15, said today Sebastian Kurz, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria who is staying in an official visit to Sarajevo today.

Kurz said this in his address at the official opening of the Year of Culture Bosnia and Herzegovina-Austria 2016 in the National Theatre Sarajevo. On this occasion, an Agreement on scientific-technological cooperation between the two countries was signed.

The event was attended by ministers of foreign affairs of both countries, Igor Crnadak and Sebastian Kurz, and Adil OSmanović, the Minister of Civil Affairs of B&H, and Martin Pammet, the Ambassador of Austria to B&H.

Over 50 cultural events in B&H with Austrian performers – that is what this project will bring in the forthcoming months. Also, artists from our country and abroad will be guests in numerous cities in Austria, under the motto “Let’s meet each other better”.

The host, Igor Crnadak, highlighted that this is a continuation of good bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Sebastian Kurz expressed his satisfaction for having an opportunity to open the year of cultural cooperation and highlighted:

“Austria has strong historical, cultural and economic relations with B&H, and we also have strong human connections because around 200,000 people who live in our country actually originate from B&H. We will support B&H on its path towards the EU. The coordination mechanism is on a good level and good relations are established there, which makes me happy. We will also work on the development of the labor right, so we hope that B&H will be more and more attractive to foreign investors and entrepreneurs”.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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