Sarajevo getting 10 to 15 new Trams from Istanbul

tramvaj“Without the Cantonal Public Utility Enterprise GRAS the urban public transportation cannot be established and no one has the capacity to cover the entire city,” said the Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton Elmedin Konaković.

For this reason, Konaković, the Draft law on Public scheduled transportation in the Sarajevo Canton, which will finally stabilize and resolve the status of GRAS and Centrotrans, will still not be included in the agenda of the session of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly. By adopting this law in this period, Konaković warned, GRAS would be prevented from performing operations.

“When GRAS is able to pay salaries, contributions and health insurance to all its workers and when that burden is taken off the back of the country, we can establish a functional public transportation and regulate it with laws,” Konaković explained.

Konaković highlighted that several trams will be put into operation these days and that the rolling stock of this company will be richer by 10 to 15 new trams from Istanbul by the end of March.

Of the important projects for the citizens of Sarajevo, Konaković pointed out the reconstruction of all tram stations, the project which revives the public-private partnership that had atrophied lately in the Sarajevo Canton.

“We intend to close the majority of tram stations and install the system of tram arrival announcements. We also intend to sell advertisement space, which is also an investment in cooperation with the private sector,” Konaković said.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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