“Sevdah i Sofra” Restaurant in Germany preserves Bosnian Tradition


Her name is Zikreta Lihovic. When she moved from her Bosnia and her city of Kakanj to the world, she brought her plan to preserve all the beautiful customs and characteristics of our homeland. With hard work she has managed to become a successful Bosnian woman in the world.

In Germany, she opened a restaurant (Böheimstr. 51) in Stuttgart, from which she made a real Bosnian nest. Everything is in the style and signs of Bosnia. “Sevdah i sofra” restaurant owned by Zikreta Lihovic in Stuttgart have become very famous thanks to her persistence, and much appreciated by the Germans.

“It used to be difficult to imagine a Bosnian Muslim family who did not own sofas as part of the dining furniture and did not prepare “sofras” for Ramadan or some family rejoicing. The word “sofra” in the Bosnian language has multiple meanings. “Sofra” means a dining table, however, the name sofra is also used for dining, family, Ramadan or gathering for some other reason, for which lunch or dinner (sofra) is organized.

Is there anything more beautiful than the beautiful scent of prepared Bosnian specialties in the form of various stews, sarmas, Bosnian pots, tufahijas, various pies and sogandolmas?

“My wish was to preserve the symbol of a time when whole families came together, maintaining family ties and values. We still need this fellowship very much today. With the sofra comes our treasure – sevdah! My desire is that sevdah and sofra live among us who are far from their homeland. I am glad that more and more of them like it,” says Zikreta Lihovic, owner of the popular Ziki in Stuttgart, which at least twice a year organizes sevdah nights in the Baden-Württemberg capital, Oslobodnje newspapers reports.



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