SIPA Members Pay Tribute to Trajkovski In Ultra Marathon From Sarajevo to Rotimlja

To mark the ninth year of the death of Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski, six members of the Unit for Special Support Unit of the State Agency for Investigation and Protection (SIPA) will run in an ultra marathon from Sarajevo to Rotimlja from 23-26 February.

SIPA officers will have a 170 Km relay race that will be run in stages.

The first section, from the seat of the State Agency for Investigation and Protection in East Sarajevo until Bradina, they will run on 23 February. On 24 February, it is expected that they would rul from Bradina to Jablanica. On 25 February, they will run from Jablanica from Mostar.

The fourth, and last section, from Mostar to Rotimlja, where the former Macedonian President died in a plane crash on 26 February, special unit members of SIPA will run on that day. Their arrival to the place where the President died should occur around noon, when members of his family, friends, colleagues and people wishing to pay their respects will lay wreaths.

This year’s ultra marathon is an introduction to the project of running ultra marathons from Rotimlja to Skopje, whose implementation is planned for 2014.

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