Student job fair: Opportunity for students to learn something new and find a job

opportunity_boulevardIn organisation of Students’ Parliament of the University of Sarajevo, the first student job fair was opened in Dom Mladih in Sarajevo, reports klix.ba

The fair will last for two days and it is the largest fair for students in BiH. Companies that offer permanent and temporary employment to students were presented as well as possibilities of doing internship and volunteering. Students will also receive a manual on youth employing.

Pro-rector for Science of University of Sarajevo Faruk Mekić lauded the organisation and said that thanks to the fair, students will most certainly find a volunteer job, and full employment after their studies.

President of Students’ Parliament Ahmed Nurković talked about the importance of the fair and added that students cannot expect progress if they do not work and fight for it. He added that the fair is an excellent opportunity for all students to meet with employers, and to try to find a job.

In a talk to klix.ba one of organisers of the fair Irma Šabić said that this is the first time that such a project is organised as a part of Students’ Parliament and the main goal of the project is to make contacts between students and employers. She noted that there are around 60 participants, representatives of companies and NGOs and the aim is to gather all groups of students leaving none behind. The fair will last five day. First three days of the fair were educational where students learnt how to make CV and how to act at an interview which prepared students for the project. The Law on Volunteers has come into force, which stipulates that volunteering is a part of tenure.

She said that students from Central Bosnia Canton and RS were invited to come to fair.

Student job fair gathers the most successful BiH companies, with the aim to offer an opportunity to students to learn something new and to show what they already know. Students are invited to visit the fair and leave their CV at companies’ stands.

(photo: thevirtualcooler)

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