Successful Business of Factory “Mira” and New Employment Possible

mira-prijedor1The Director of the factory for biscuits and waffles “Mira” from Prijedor Miroslav Turnšek announced today that this company, thanks to the understanding of the majority owner, Zagreb-based “Kraš”, it has become one of the most successful in the RS.

“We are a rare company from the RS that is stable, that has good business and whose production and sales increase every year. “Mira” has shown that, despite the biggest crisis and recession, it can work well if savings are taken into account and how to get products on the market’’, said Turnšek to journalists in Prijedor after a meeting with the President of the Croatian Parliament Josip Leko.

He added that he spoke to the President of the Croatian Parliament that this is an export-oriented company, because 82 percent of production a year is based on the markets of former Yugoslav republics, in Western European markets, and in Canada, the US, Australia, and since last year in Saudi Arabia.

Turnšek stressed that all profits of the company, and which in recent years ranged from 800.000 KM to 2 million KM, invests in production and new investments in order to place new products on the market.

He said that from “Kraš”, a line of production was transferred to this factory for the production of tea rings and that there are talks now for assembly lines for the production of gingerbread.

Turnšek said that “Mira” would not have any problems as a result of Croatia’s upcoming EU accession, because all its products have certificates and meet the prescribed standards.

He said that the company currently employs 388 people and that, by putting into operation the planned production line, 30 to 50 more people could be employed. He noted that this all depends on what type of demand there will be on the market.

The President of the Croatian Parliament Josip Leko said to journalists that Croatia is interested in the markets of CEFTA and that he hopes the EU will be strict when it comes to this market.


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