The FBiH to give 2.7 million EUR for a New National Airline?

BiH is considering the establishment of a new airline, two years after the collapse of the company BH Airlines.

“We have to establish a new national airline in order to improve connection and number of destination that we offer from Sarajevo. Sarajevo Airport records around million passengers on an annual basis, and there are other airports in our country that would benefit from the increase of passenger and freight traffic generated by local airlines,” said the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdic.

He added that traffic could be especially increased in Sarajevo and that is the reason why we need airlines in the partnership with world class company, such as Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines, who owned 49 % of BH Airlines, announced that they are opened for the research of new commercial cooperation models with BH authorities regarding the establishment of national airline. The Prime Minister of the FBiH Fadil Novalic suggested that the successor of BH Airlines will be established, and that the government will invest 2.7 million EUR in the new company, which would operate with one rented airplane at the very beginning.

Meanwhile, private company FlyBosnia is still waiting for the permission to start flights from Sarajevo to Middle East. This company is also planning to introduce flights to Europe later.

The only company in BiH that has the flight certificate at the moment is company for cargo transportation Icar Air, whose headquarters is located in Tuzla.


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