The Federal Prime Minister Nikšić and the Pensioners Signed an Agreement: Pensions Higher By 5 Percent

Niksic_penzioneriThe Federal Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić, the President of the Association of Pensioners FB&H Omer Omerefendić and the President of the county association of pensioners in FB&H Ivo Kožul signed yesterday an agreement reached during negotiations from last month. According to the agreement, the Government of FB&H and the Federal Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance will undertake the pension’s payment of this year, which includes the restoration of the deficit of Federal Bureau for Pension and Disability Insurance.

They are obliged and will make the necessary decisions to provide the conditions that from January 2014 pensions in FB&H would increase by five percent.

The federal government accepted it and has the obligation that as soon as possible to propose to the FB&H Parliament a set of laws whose implementation should ensure improvement of the business environment, strengthening of fiscal discipline, efficient collection of taxes and contributions to the fight against unregistered employment, to improve the position of employees and the fight against organized crime and corruption.

 The President of the Association of Pensioners of FB&H Omer Omerefendić specified at a press conference that the signed document “is the guarantee of the Government of FB&H that the pensions will be paid until the end of the year and from the first of January to be increased by five percent”.


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