Thinking to travel Today? Here is the Information on the Road Conditions

BC Retentions dnevni-list.baAt the border crossing Doljani, the waiting at the exit from the country lasts for an hour, while there are no longer retentions at other border crossings, announced the Automotive Federation of B&H.

Driving conditions are favorable; the traffic is being conducted in slow motion at the sections of the roads where works are in progress, so the drivers are urged to drive carefully and respect the temporary traffic regulations.

Due to works in Mostar (Donja Mahala), the traffic is being conducted in slow motion from the intersection at Lučki most to the bridge of Hasan Brkic. Drivers are asked to respect the temporary installed traffic signalization.

Due to damage on the road at the section M-5 Transit through Sarajevo, the traffic regime is moderated. During the suspension, vehicles up to 7.5 tons of total weight and buses are using the alternative direction route from the direction of Pale, Bistrik – Hamdije Kresevljakovica – Terezija – Vraca, while the alternative route for other vehicles passes through the city. From the opposite direction, vehicles up to 7.5 tons of total weight and buses are using the route Dolac Malta – Azize Sacirbegovic – intersection Vraca – Terezija – Hamdije Kresevljakovica – Bistrik, while for all other vehicles the alternative route goes through the city.

At the section M-18 Brod na Drini – Scepan Polje (border B&H/MNE), traffic is suspended several times a day for the periods of 30 minutes, due to works. At this section, the traffic for vehicles with total weight exceeding 12 tons and length exceeding 8 meters is banned.

Due to activation of the landslide, traffic is suspended at the sections R-456 Priboj – Teocak – Sapna (section Godus – Rastosnica) and R-459 Tuzla – Sibosnica (section Lovacki dom – Sibosnica).

Due to execution of works at the section M-18 Tuzla – Bijeljina (at the locality of Seljublje), the traffic is banned for the vehicles whose total weight exceeds 3.5 tons, while at the locality of Pozarnica the traffic is being conducted in slow motion using one traffic lane, due to landslide.

At the section R-425 Hamzici – Tromedja, at the locality of Donji Ogradjenik, due to damage on the road the traffic is banned for the buses and freight vehicles of total weight over five tons. During the suspension, alternative routes are: Tromedja – Ljubuski – Grude – Siroki Brijeg and Tromedja – Mostar – Siroki Brijeg.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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