When will the Distribution of Donations from the United Arab Emirates start?

Institution directors and cantonal ministers know the situation with coronavirus tests in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zijad Latifovic, president of the Independent Health Union of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, told Avaz.

He added that the Sarajevo and Tuzla cantons are doing the most testing, because they are the most populated.

“In Canton Sarajevo, they have enough reserves, while in Tuzla, a public procurement tender for tests is underway. However, you know how these tender procedures work in our country, they can last for months, and that is a problem that is not related to the lack of tests, but to the procedure,” says Latifovic.

The donation of medical equipment from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for our country, which also includes 100,000 tests, has been standing at Sarajevo International Airport for two and a half months.

But the Ministry of Civil Affairs has completed the procedure and the distribution will begin soon.

“Republika Srpska should take over its part of the donation on Monday morning, we are waiting from the Brcko District to announce whether they can come for their part on Tuesday. Cantonal officials will take over the donation on behalf of the Federation of BiH. Most likely, from Wednesday until the next five days, they will come from two cantons,” they stated from the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

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