A Moment in Time: Rare Photographs of BiH from 1926 (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Rarely seen photographs of BiH cities, villages, people and architecture were published back in 1926 in Berlin, and they are work of German photographer Kurt Hielscher.

In the mid 1920’s, German photographer Kurt Hielscher received the invitation of the Kingdom of SHS to come and make a photo reportage on the cities, villages, people and customs of the country, which was formed back in 1918.

Hielscher previously published photo reportage on Italy, Spain and Germany, and he gladly accepted the offer. When he arrived in Belgrade, then government provided him an interpreter, permission to travel the state and the car that he had at his disposal.

Hielscher tried to show attractive and varied landscapes, original architecture and way of life of the citizens in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Take a look at the photo gallery at unique photographs of the citizens from the area of Travnik, then Sarajevo, mahala in Jajce or Trebinje, then parts of Pocitelj, Visegrad and other places.

(Source: S. H./Klix.ba / Photo: mycentury.tv)

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