The Action “Let’s Clean the Country in One Day” in B&H this Weekend

lets-do-itThe volunteer action “Let’s do it -let’s clean the country in one day” is dedicated primarily to cleaning illegal garbage dumps but also to clean green areas and other natural resources and protected areas. This action will take place on Saturday and Sunday in the entire territory of B&H.

The action will be implemented this year for the third time, for the third year in a row, organized by association of citizens ”Ruke” from Sarajevo and ”Mozaik prijateljstva” from Banja Luka. HT ERONET company is the general partner.

This year’s novelty is the separation of packaging waste, with the support of the company Ekopak, which will be submitted for recycling.

The main team of the action “Let’s do it- let’s clean the country in one day” will be located in the building of the UN in Sarajevo on 27 April, where they will collect information about the number of citizens who participated in this action and on the amount of waste collected.

The action is planned to start at 9:00.

(Source: Fena)

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