Ambassador Field: UK Sanctions are on the Table, we will not allow malicious Actors to divide BiH

The current political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)poses a risk to the country’s stability and future, according to the United Kingdom (UK) Ambassador to BiH, Matthew Field.

He noted that every moment spent in the blockade, every provocative statement, reduces the opportunity for politicians to provide basic services and improve the living conditions for the citizens of this country.

To be clear, sanctions are not a magic wand – they cannot solve all the challenges this country is facing. The BiH justice system needs to fulfill its responsibility to citizens and apply the law without prejudice or bias. First and foremost, that system should be the answer on the occurrence of violations of the law or unconstitutional activities at any level of government or parliament, “ he stated.

We cannot, we will not allow malicious actors to divide this country, nor to reverse the progress achieved in the last 26 years, he added.

“The citizens of BiH have decided that European Union (EU)values ​​and standards offer the best future for BiH. These are not just pathways to the EU, but also a matter of values ​​and opportunities. People are going to countries where they can already use those values ​​and chances. BiH that is more transparent and has a sustainable economy, BiH with a stronger democracy, will be able to respond better to the needs of its citizens. I expect BiH voters to consider these issues when they go to the polls in the second half of this year,” Field concluded.



Source: klix.ba

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