Analysts on the Government of Austria: What will it bring to Dodik’s Regime?

Sebastian Kurz (31) became the youngest chancellor in the world last week, and Austria is the only Western-European country whose government is consisted of ultra-right party. The Conservative People’s Party (OVP) and the ultra-right Freemasonry Party (FPO) led Austria for the last time in the period between 2000 and 2005. The FPO supports Milorad Dodik as well as the idea of secession of the RS, and analysts expect that Milorad Dodik and his regime might get the access to certain levels of power in Austria that were unavailable to him before.

Ahmed Husain, the candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SPO) in the parliamentary elections in Austria, also noted that supporting messages were mostly directed towards the secession of the RS.

“I do not believe that there will be some major changes for BiH because Austria does not play a major role when it comes to the international politics, but it might bring some unrest, since BiH needs peace to make a step forward, because the economic progress cannot be achieved without a stable political climate,” noted Husagic.

“I believe that official Austria will not be so open, as Strache was, to enter into controversial conversations and I believe that the coalition will have a formal position in accordance with the one of the EU. Austria will not interfere with the integrity of BiH or Kosovo, that is for sure, but on the other hand , I am sure that the amount of understanding, and maybe even sympathy, for politicians such as Milorad Dodik will be increased. However, that can lead to some negative dynamics in the region,” stated Vedran Dzihic, the director of the Center for Advanced Studies of the South Eastern Europe.

He also added that economic investments will to be the central pillar of Austrian policy towards BiH as well as the entire region. When it comes to important issues, such as the enlargement policy, Austria will follow the current course of the EU, at least formally.

From the OHR noted that Austria has demonstrated its commitment to peaceful and prosperous BiH through its political, economic and military engagement, and it also played an important role in its post-war progress and development. Furthermore, it remained at the top of the list of countries when it comes to institutions and foreign trade exchange.

“The High Representative previously noted that Austria has demonstrated its true friendship and he also expressed his belief that it will continue to support BiH in the future period. That will not be changed. When it comes to European issues, it will be in portfolio of the Prime Minister, therefore, the European commitment of Austria remains unquestionable. Therefore, Austria’s support for the European path of BiH is unquestionable as well,” as noted from the OHR.

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