Best business results of ”Igman” in its history

A business enterprise “Igman” has delivered last shipments of goods and thus it has consummated the contract worth just under 38 million USD and it is the biggest financial success of the company in its long 62 year history.

Manager Džahid Muratbegović said that ”Igman” in this year will have 70 million USD of revenue.

”The realization of the contract started at the end of 2011. We hired 451 new workers and finished before the deadline. Costumers of our goods from friendly country are very pleased with our cooperation. ”Igman” has signed contracts for about 30% of the production in the year 2013. Specific production does not allow traditional marketing and because of that we except further engagement of the authorities, in particular embassies and competent ministries’’, said Muratbegović

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