BiH youth urges Citizens to take Care of Earth and its Resources

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) youth sent messages here on Sunday on the occasion of Earth Day 2018, urging citizens to take care of Earth and its resources every day.

During the action of trees planting here, BiH youth sent a powerful message that taking care of Earth should not be remembered only on April 22, but individuals should take care of all of its resources every day in the year.

Some 1,000 youth and people participated in the action where they planted 1,000 ash trees and 50 fruit seedlings in the centre of Sarajevo, emphasizing that the urban part of BiH capital needs more and more trees that will be of great importance for next generations.

Traditional plating of 125 trees took place in the area of northern Sarajevo, at the huge area of Jezero park, where citizens engaged in cleaning of the green areas.

The government of Sarajevo Centre Municipality also participated in the action by allocating money for the high school trip of youth that participated in the cleaning and trees planting.

Participants among themselves concluded that the human attitude towards the Earth and all its resources should change towards positive and there should be a global ecological awareness.

“Everyone should strive for more clean air, water, soil, the environment in general,” youth agreed, adding that we have to think about further generations as well.

Sarajevo Times

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