Extension of Custody for Mutap and Dupovac in Case of Murder of Dzenan Memic

The prosecutor of the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina working on the case has sent to the Court of BiH a motion for extension of the custody measure against two suspects, Zijad Mutap and Hasan Dupovac.

The custody measure is required to ensure the unhindered conducting of the investigation into the death of young man Dzenan Memic in February 2016.

The custody has been sought for the reasons described in Article 132 (1) (b) and (d) of the Criminal Procedure Code of BiH, i.e. because of a risk that by being at freedom, the suspects might obstruct the investigation, conceal evidence and influence witnesses or accomplices, as well as because the release of the suspects would cause disturbance of the public and citizen.

The team of prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH conducting this investigation, together with partner institutions and agencies, is undertaking intensive investigative activities in this case.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has ordered one-month custody for Alisa Mutap, the ex-girlfriend of the victim Dzenan Memic, and Muamer Ozegovic, a receptionist at the Kristal Hotel, who were arrested two days ago in Sarajevo. 

Two police officers, Nedzad Hrvat and Nebojsa Veljovic, were released with restraining orders. 

To recall, Alisa Mutap (now Alisa Ramic), was the girlfriend of Dzenan Memic, a young man who was mysteriously killed in February 2016 in Sarajevo and whose killers were never found. At the time Dzenan was attacked, Alisa was with him, but she claims she has amnesia and does not remember this tragic event. Her father, Zijad Mutap, who is one of the suspects for organized crime related to obstructing the investigation in the “Dzenan Memic” case, was also recently arrested.  

Dzenan Memic died in February 2016. Along with him, in the Ilidza Big Alley was the girl Alisa Mutap. As a result of his injuries, the young man died at the University Clinical Center Sarajevo (KCUS) seven days later.  The Police Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) said that under the order of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and under the supervision of the acting Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, they searched two locations in CS, one in the municipality of Ilidza, the other in the Old Town municipality of Sarajevo.  Their goal was to collect evidence, clarify and document criminal acts that were the subject of an investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH in the case of “Dzenan Memic”. 

“During today’s activities, the police officers of the Police Directorate of the CS Ministry of the Interior arrested two people: A.R. and M.O.,”  it was announced by the Sarajevo police yesterday.  

What has happened so far?  

Ljubo Seferovic and his father Bekrija were accused of causing a traffic accident in which a young man was killed, and they were accused of failing to provide assistance to a person injured in a traffic accident and preventing evidence. 

However, Dzenan Memic’s family was not satisfied with the development of the situation, and they pointed out many times, as they claim, that there are numerous irregularities in this case.  

Namely, the Memic family claims from the very beginning that Dzenan was killed, and that the CS Prosecutor’s Office filed a false indictment for a traffic accident with the then Chief Prosecutor Dalida Burzic.  

That is why the father of the young man, Muriz Memic, filed a criminal complaint to the State Prosecutor’s Office, which opened an investigation for organized crime in the Memic case after 11 months. 

The Supreme Court of the Federation of BiH (FBiH) has already annulled the acquittal of the Seferovic once and ordered new traffic expertise. In January this year, the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo once again declared Seferovic people not guilty.  

The family is still searching for the truth about how their son was killed, and many citizens are helping them with that. 

Josip Baric is in custody, and the suspect is under investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and is suspected due to the existence of grounds for suspicion that he committed the criminal offense of Organized Crime under Article 342.  

It is related to the criminal offense of illegal mediation under Article 382 and assistance to the perpetrator after the criminal offense was committed by the Criminal Law of the FBiH. Baric is the third person who was arrested as part of the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH on suspicion of having committed the criminal offense of organized crime, in connection with the criminal offenses of illegal mediation and assistance to the perpetrator after the criminal offense was committed.  

Hasan Dupovac, the former head of the Traffic Accident Department of the CS Ministry of the Interior, and Zijad Mutap, the father of Alisa, the girl who was with Dzenan Memic on the night he was killed, were arrested on February 1st.  


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