Foreigners who commit a Traffic Offense in BiH will no longer be able to cross the Border

Foreigners who commit a traffic offense in our country will no longer be able to cross the border until they pay a fine.

This is one of the amendments to the Law on Misdemeanors that will be presented to the deputies of the House of Representatives of the FBiH Parliament on September 10th.

As the proponent, the FBiH Government stated in the explanation, the purpose of the amendments is to eliminate the deficiencies observed during the implementation of this law, because the current law does not define that the police can independently deprive a person suspected of an offense, but does so at the request of an authorized official.

The Working Group set up by FBiH Minister of Justice Mato Jozic determined that changes were needed.

Therefore, the proposed solution will set out how to “force” foreign nationals to pay fines and costs before leaving BiH.

“Aware that the seizure of a document may endanger the freedom of movement of citizens for a longer period, and because of the need to make the payment of fines and the costs of proceedings against this group of offenders more efficient, the Working Group believes that the proposed amendment could lead to a more efficient completion of the offense proceedings,” was stated is in the Proposal, Avaz news portal reports.

The Foreigners Service may, on the reasoned proposal of the competent authority, temporarily prohibit the departure of foreigner from the country if there is reasonable suspicion that leaving the BiH could avoid prosecution.

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