Lake “Nula” is the largest Well of drinking Water in BiH

Lake “Nula” in Vares is the largest well of drinking water in BiH, and lovers of nature are trying to make an attractive tourist destination, in order for it not to be just a place for local population to swim during the summer season.

The lake is not natural and it was created almost 30 years ago on the surface of the former mine Smreka. The water was taken out by the pumps while the mine worked, but after the mine stopped working, its surface filled with water and this lake was created.

From the Tourist Center of Vares noted that there is huge potential for exploitation of the lake in tourism purposes.

“From the experience of group visits of tourists, especially foreigners, I noticed that no one stayed indifferent and everyone enjoyed the lake, but they commented the fact that the potential of the lake was not used in a better way” said Almir Cikmis from the Tourist Info Center of the Municipality of Vares.

He noted that people from Vares, as well as residents of surrounding villages, are using the lake for swimming.

“The people of Vares have a special relationship with Lake Nula, they have great connection to it and I can say that they are more than proud of our lake. You cannot find a person who visited Vares without taking a photo of the lake. People are visiting if not just for swimming, but also for fishing, walking, taking photos etc. The lake also represents a special attraction during the winter,” noted Cikmis.

Lake Nula is located in the vicinity of the center of Vares.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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