Why was the Libyan Colonel Taken down?

tumblr_nu08pelg6e1r65o3qo1_500On the fifth anniversary of the death of Muammar Gaddafi, his cousin Ahmed Gaddafi al-Dam gave an interview for the RT television.

He emphasized that the Western countries are responsible for what happened to him because they were afraid of the independency of Africa and especially of the appearance of the Africal currency – the golden dinar. Those who called themselves Libyan revolutionaries are, in fact, those who worked in the interest of the foreign forces; said Gaddafi al-Dam.

“Today there is a tomb of Gaddafi in every Libyan town. He has a place in the heart of every Libyan, in hearts of millions of people throughout the world, in Africa, in Arab and Islamic world. All Libyans now regret what happened five years ago. We want an investigation of those who attacked Libya, killed Gaddafi, killed 30.000 people,” said Gaddafi al-Dam.

Gaddafi’s cousin believes that Libya is just one of the targets of the Western countries.

“When we look at how they destroy Iraq, Syria, Yemen, how they build the conspiracy against Algeria, we will realize that they target the countries that have good relations with Russia. That is why they want to destroy them economically and militarily,” Gaddafi al-Dam said.

In the case of Libya, a lot is being told about the project of Muammar Gaddafi regarding the establishment of the African currency – the golden dinar, as an alternative for dollar.

“That was one of the main reasons for the invasion and elimination of Gaddafi. The Libyan leader was leading a fight for liberation of the entire African continent and the persecution of colonial states. He wanted to achieve the unity of the African countries for the transformation of the continent into the United States of Africa. He worked actively on this project, visited many countries, spoke with kings, sheikhs, sultans…,” Gaddafi al-Dam said.

Coverage for the African dinar was supposed to be gold because in 2010 Libya was the 14th country in the world when it comes to gold reserves.

“Gaddafi realized that the dollar is the means for global hegemony of the USA. He was a free man and he wanted us to become free of the dollar. In that way, Africa would preserve its natural resources such as cobalt, gold, magnesium, oil and gas. We also prepared major agricultural projects and solar energy projects…,” said Ahmed Gaddafi al-Dam, reminding that the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy stated that “Libya represents a threat to the monetary system of the mankind”.


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