Meeting of BiH Delegation with the ambassadors of Norway and Sweden

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Commission of BiH House of Representatives Mirza Kušljugić talked today with the ambassador of Norway in BiH Anne Vibeke Lilloe and ambassador of Sweden Bosse Hedberg about the meeting of the representatives of Foreign Affairs Commissions of BiH, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro, which is planned to be held in Sarajevo on 15 March.

The meeting will represent the continuation of cooperation of the commissions of the four countries which has been started with the meeting in Zagreb in October 2012 when the Nordic, Baltic or Benelux models of cooperation were presented.

Kušljugić said that the expert group of the Igman Initiative will form the suggestions of the model of inter-parliamentary cooperation of the four countries in accordance with Nordic model of cooperation, and that the upcoming meeting in Sarajevo will represent the part of the process of improving the cooperation among commissions and parliaments of BiH, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Kušljugić said: ”The final goal is to put on the agenda the ideas about the realization of concrete projects.”

Ambassador Lilloe and ambassador Hedberg, as representatives of the countries of the Nordic Council have expressed the willingness to share the experiences of Council’s work, and gave the support to any form of cooperation among the countries of the region.

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