Nearly 2.000 Persons broke the Fast at the Square of Freedom in Tuzla

Tuzla iftarNearly 2.000 fasting persons broke the fast on the second day of Ramadan at the Square of Freedom in Tuzla within the project “Bereket Konvoyu“ realized by the Istanbul municipality Bayrampaşa.

The City of Tuzla provided a wholehearted support to the project that aims to additionally strengthen the bridges of friendships in countries of Balkans, and guests from Turkey dedicated whole day to the preparation and organization on the outdoor iftar.

Hosts made sure that guests from Turkey visited  Tuzla attractions and met with the tourist and cultural offer and historical heritage.

Gökhan Balıkoğlu, representative of the Municipality Bayrampaşa, stated that “Bereket Konvoyu“ is being organized for the eleventh consecutive year.

Guests from Turkey were excellent hosts in the true sense of this word. They set up tables and chairs, and hardworking cooks and support staff made sure that food is over when ezan was heard from Tuzla’s mosques and when cannon announced from Kicelj.

“Even since 16.00 p.m. guests started to arrive at the Square of Freedom. In half an hour, all places were filled. It was really beautiful ambient and event that can be seen only in Ramadan“, said Nedim Sakic, one of fasting persons who attended the last night’s outdoor iftar.

The head imam of the Majlis of Islamic Community Tuzla, Ahmed ef. Huskanovic, invited all citizens of Tuzla, fasting persons and those who were not fasting, neighbors of other denominations to join them on last night’s iftar.

They will continue their journey in other countries of Balkans as well, but as they said, they will carry valuable and unforgettable memories from Tuzla.

(Source: klix.ba)

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