Premiere Tonight of “Još jedno pismo preko Crvenog krsta“

Pozivnica-Pismo.cdrTonight at 20:00 there will be a premiere of the play “Još jedno pismo preko Crvenog krsta“ (one more letter through the Red Cross) at SARTR, directed by Elma Selman and Sanela Krsmanović.

There will be a photo exhibition by Velija Hasanbegović called “I moja bijela traka“ at 19:00, as the introductory part of the play.

The documentary-dance play “Još jedno pismo preko Crvenog krsta“ is based on the collected intimate letters that were sent during the 1990’s as part of the Red Cross.

Sanela Krsmanović and Elma Selman said that the play explores a wide range of emotions that these letters carried, and intimate scars and features, which this kind of war communication phenomenon left, announced MESS.

‘’The story is about two sisters who were 3 km apart during the war, and they could not see one another due to their circumstances. From both the personal and private side this play was a huge challenge and that is why I am particularly pleased that we have come to the moment of our premiere’’, said Krsmanović. She thanked SARTR and MESS for their great trust.

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