Record Visits to the Memorial Center Potocari this Year

MC Potocari Visits slobodnaevropa.orgMemorial Center Potocari is the resting place of Bosnian shahids, victims of the genocide in Srebrenica, the valley where mothers, sisters and children find peace for their soul next to the graves of their loved ones.

The Memorial Center Potocari is also an admonishment to all those who went silent, retreated to their lairs and did not react, and they could, who did not protect the population of the so-called “Protected Zone of the United Nations” in July 1995.

The 20th anniversary of the committed genocide against Bosniaks of Srebrenica was marked this year. The genocide was committed by the neighbors Serbs, with the support of the Republic of Serbia. They all deny their evil, although even a verdict of the International Court in Haag exists, claiming that the army and the police of the Republic of Srpska committed a terrible crime of genocide against the Bosniaks of Srebrenica.

Around 70.000 people came to the Memorial Center in Potocari, on the past July 11th 2015, to pay tribute to the victims of the genocide, condemn the crime and send a unique message – that Srebrenica happens never to no one again.

That the Memorial Center is a place of admonishment, condemnation and sending the message that evil must be condemned and not allowed to happen to anyone else, is also demonstrated by a large number of visits to the Memorial Center even past July 11th.

As it was stated at the Memorial Center, during August they have registered a record high number of visits from many parts of the world: Australia, USA, Brazil, France, Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Malaysia, Serbia, New Zealand, etc.

The contents offered by the Memorial Center to the visitors are a history class, graveyard tour, exhibition, watching a film about the victims of the genocide, visit to the Multimedia room/Documentation center Sense, and the entry in the book of condolences.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo slobodnaeuropa)

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