Reisu-l-ulema Kavazovic in America: Our Goal is democratic and secular BiH

Reis-ul-Ulema Husein ef. Kavazovic is paying a three-day visit to the US together with director of the Administration of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora in Rijaset of IC in BiH, Razim Colic.

Reis-ul-Ulema should meet with numerous officials from Washington and representatives of several organizations, as well as the Bosniak diaspora and the Islamic Community of Bosniaks in North America.

Talking about the Islamic Community as one of the traditional religious communities in BiH, Reis-ul-ulema stated that relations in our country are improving and that cooperation between the members of the Inter-religious Council can be evaluated as positive.

He also noted that the main goal of the Islamic Community in BiH is a plural, democratic, secular, civil state, which guarantees rights to all citizens.

Reis-ul-ulema informed Susan Falatko, the Director of the Office for Central and South East Europe about activities that the Islamic Community is realizing, already realized and is planning to realize with the aim to prevent violent extremism and radicalism. As an illustration, he noted projects for the prevention of violent extremism that the IC implemented with the help of the Government of Norway and the OSCE Mission in BiH, as well as a project that is implemented with the help of the EU. Kavazovic also mentioned future projects that are yet to be realized.

“The Islamic Community in BiH for us represents an example of how Muslims should be organized,” stated Falatko.

She also offered her help for the activities of the IC that can contribute to dialogue and security in BiH.

(Source: nap.ba)





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