Ring made of Bronze 3000 Years Old found in Vitez

This winter in Mošunj, Vitez, children were playing and found a ring in the area known as Grovnica. Some time ago, a team of archaeologists went to a place but they did not find any important archeological finding. This ring was found about two or three hundred meters lower.

By coincidence, ring ended in the hands of one of the residents of that village who had photographed and sent to a few addresses. The answer that was given was incredible.

It is estimated that the ring is from prehistoric times, old between 3000 and 4500 years, and is made of bronze and probably belonged to a woman. From interviews with experts, even they could only see the ring in the photo, we concluded that it has priceless archaeological value.

There is no official confirmation of the age and value of this invention, but in the opinion of the inhabitants of this region, it is only a matter of time before the experts confirm that this is really important archeological finding. One of the experts said that a detailed analysis could lead to the location of the famous “Mošunjski sword” whose place of invention never found.

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