Sarajevo City Hall illuminated in the Colours of Spanish Flag


In these extraordinary circumstances, when the whole world is confronted with the pandemic of the coronavirus, the City Hall plays a symbolic but important role.

The City Hall was illuminated in the colors of the Spanish flag, in support to this country, which has become the largest focal point of COVID 19 in Europe.

“With this act, we want to send a strong message of compassion and solidarity to the people and Government of friendly Spain, which is fighting a difficult battle with the biggest pandemic of today,” said Sarajevo Mayor Abdulah Skaka.

Spain and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Skaka points out, have a special relationship.

Traditional friendship and affection was also confirmed by the establishment of partnership and twinning relations between Sarajevo and the Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona.

The City of Sarajevo does not forget the humane missions and close partnership of Spain, which was with us in the most difficult times, but not only during the siege of our city, but remained a loyal friend to us, the Sarajevo City Administration said.



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