St. Bernard from Banja Luka among the best dogs in the world

Fani, female St. Bernard is one of the best young dogs in the world which was confirmed at the dog exhibition which was held in England.

She won the first place in the category of young dogs, and so she became the first dog from BiH to win and to participate at this exhibition.

Her owner and trainer Adnan Mujadžić said that Fani was invited to go to England while she was at the exhibition in Zagreb, where she won the young world champion, and added that this is a great achievement for all dog breeders in BiH, concerning the fact that she won among 20 566 dogs.

Mujadžić added that every dog had to go through series of tests and added that Fani, 15 months old and weighs 57 kilograms passed all the tests with best marks.

(photo: Facebook)

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