Students as Entrepreneurs

ucimo_radimoThe second fair of entrepreneurial projects of students in primary schools as part of the project ‘Life skills for the future-we learn, work’ was held today in Sarajevo, Trebinje, Teslić, Banovići, Tuzla, Žepče, Bratunac and Bileća, and together with their teachers presented entrepreneurial projects as part of the entrepreneurial section. This project was realized by the Association of Citizens “Nešto više” with the help of UNICEF in B&H.

The project ‘Life skills for the future-we learn, we work’ is linked to the participation of children in business. Thirty primary schools in B&H from 11 cities founded entrepreneurial sections in their schools that involve students. They were at the fair today. This is a combination of several months of work with students, who had their mentors and teachers, said Adem Lisičić, coordinator for the project from “Nešto više”.

There were 300 student participants at the fair today who came to show their mini projects. Every school came with 100 students and one teacher. They exhibited products that ehy made and services that they offer, added Lisičić.

‘’Various projects were exhibited, such as a solar collector from recycled materials, from old cars, miniature steccis from certain areas, food from a certain area, recycled greeting cards, homemade soaps, postcards, films for children, and which speak about behavior and etiquette’’, said Lisičić.

The fair is a competitive one, and students at the end will choose the best projects.

(Source: Fena)

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