Success: Solana Tuzla Exports increase by 80 %

solanaSolana Tuzla ended last year with the best business results achieved in the postwar period.

A total of 128,000 tons of salt was produced, which is the biggest production since 1992 and 5.5 % more than planned.

“The thing that is the most important for us and B&H is that we exported about 120,000 tons of salt, thus increasing exports by 80 %. We brought back the entire market before the war in the former Yugoslavia, and we placed our products on new markets in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Hungary,” said the Director of Solana Izudin Kapetanovic.

The total value of the realized annual production is estimated on about 30 million BAM.

Otherwise, the largest production in 130-years long history of Solana was realized a few years before the war, when a total of 202,000 tons of vacuum-sealed salt was produced.


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