The Office of the Croatian Economy Chamber officially opened in Sarajevo

The Government of the Republic of Croatia decided to open the Office of Croatian Economy Chamber in BiH, and the main reasons for that are the importance of BiH for Croatia as one of its largest foreign trade partners and its intention to contribute to the better position of the Croatian people in BiH, as noted by the Deputy President of the Government of Croatia and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Marija Pejcinovic Buric.

She explained that they followed similar examples of other countries, i.e. Austria and Germany, and thus decided to open joint representations in places where they have a common interest and important strategic markets.

Moreover, she noted that Croatia is contributing to a more stable and prosperous BiH in this way.

They expect to see the results of the opening of this type of office already next year, and Minister recalled that the foreign trade exchange between Croatia and BiH was increased by more than 20 % last year.

“We believe that this joint Office will help further increase every year, not only in the sector of trade, but also in the sector of services and tourism,” concluded Pejcinovic Buric.

(Source:, Photo: FENA, Credit: Almir Razic)

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