Tuzla: ”Bosit Industry” makes shoes for ”Prada”

News that in Lipnica near Tuzla, ”Prada” shoes are being made surprised the public, but the workers of the ”Bosit Industry” don’t see anything spectacular in it, because they’ve been working for ”Prada” for five years.

This company was founded six years ago by Miralem Bajraktarević and Zlatan Simeunović, and since may last year it produces 7 000 pairs of shoes of one of the most famous world brands.

”The cooperation with Italian partners started in 2007. In the beginning we were making only upper parts of shoes, and now we make the entire model. We get our raw material from Italy, and then we assemble shoes here, and afterwards we sell it in Italy. Currently we work on sandals, sports sneakers and stylish shoes for summer’’, said the manager of ”Bosit Industry” Miralem Bajraktarević.

”Bosit Industry” employs around 100 workers, and Bajraktarević added that cooperation with Italians could be expanded soon.

Bajraktarević said: ” They are withdrawing from Asian markets. We have the workers, and want to work, we only need the support of the country.”

Italian partners have their supervisors in Lipnica.

Impeccable quality is required, with detailed checks, but BiH workers fulfil all the need of ”Prada” without any problems.

“When we get the raw materials, deviations are up to one percent. Unused raw material is regularly being returned. This is the most renowned fashion house in the world of footwear, and they demand a lot. Shoe literally has to glow. Quality must be at the highest level, but we are able to meet all of their demands. ” ,explained the manager of “Bosit Industy “.

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