Italian Investor interested in the Construction of Silicon Factory?

meetingThe President of the RepublikaSrpska (RS) Milorad Dodik and the Prime Minister of RS Zeljka Cvijanovic, held a meeting with representatives of the Italian company “Megacell Group SPA” from Padua, who expressed readiness to build a factory for the production of silicon in Kozarska Dubica and thus create new jobs places.

It was emphasized that RS made remarkable results in creating a positive business environment in order to attract investments in the past, and that the Government is committed to create an environment for achieving good business results, in direct contact and cooperation with domestic and foreign businessmen, as announced from the Government of RS.

It was also emphasized that RS is ready and open for investments and that the Government wants to cooperate with everyone in the closer and wider environment who see an equal partner in it, and it will support any good initiative, that would contribute to increased employment rate and creation of new jobs places.


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