“Jer me se tiče”: Paying Tribute to All the Civilian Victims of the Ex -Yugoslav Wars of 1991 – 2001

spomenikThe delegation of the Initiative “Jer me se tiče” visited Podgorica, Montenegro, and brought flowers to the monument of all civilian victims of the wars in the former Yugoslavia (1991 – -2001). With a minute of silence, the delegation paid tribute to all the civilians who were killed in wars and that unfortunately, marked the last decade of the XX and beginning of the XXI century. A simple stone panel set in the center of Podgorica is the first and so far the only monument which commemorates the civilian victims of these areas and symbolically is set there on 11 July 2011, on the day of the Srebrenica genocide.

“It is incomprehensible that this is the first and the only monument which commemorates all the civilian victims actually set in a country which is the only one in this area with no effects of the war on its territory. Empathy for all the victims of all religions, nations and especially with the citizens of B&H who were the most directly effected by the war. Our commitment to ultimate justice and the right to memory will continue with concrete actions in B&H and in Balkans”, announced the initiative “Jer me se tiče”

(Source: Initiative “Jer me se tiče”)

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