Komsic: The Death of Senator Dole is a great Loss for Freedom and Democracy in the world, especially for us in BiH

Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)Zeljko Komsic sent condolences to the family of the former United States (U.S.) Senator Bob Dole, a great friend of the state of BiH and its citizens.

The death of Senator Dole is a great loss for freedom and democracy in the world, and especially for us in BiH. We will never forget the great support that Senator Bob Dole showed to the state of BiH in its most difficult moments and struggle for its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Senator Bob Dole clearly distinguished those who are fighting for an internationally recognized state and outlaws from international law, and he was one of the strongest voices about the truth of our just struggle, “Komsic said.

Komsic expressed gratitude for the fact that after the aggression against the Republic of BiH he pointed out countless times all the disastrous effects of destructive policies within BiH that threatened peace, security, and prosperity of citizens and the state.

Former Republican Senator and former presidential candidate Bob Dole passed away yesterday at the age of 98.

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