One Worker injured in Exp​losion in Ginex Company

The man of V.S. initials (1976) who was taken care of in the Emergency Center of the Cantonal Hospital in Gorazde and is in a stable condition.

The scene was inspected by officers of the Criminal Police Sector of the Bosna Podrinje Canton Gorazde Ministry of the Interior and the fire protection inspector of the BPK Gorazde Ministry of the Interior, and the cantonal prosecutor was also informed.

Acting prosecutor Predrag Golubovic confirmed that the director of the company Unis Ginex reported to the duty service of the Gorazde police station that an explosion had taken place in the said company, during which one person was injured.

“Investigative actions performed revealed that the explosion occurred in the production plant during the operation”, where the work is performed according to standardized procedures.

For this reason, we still do not know the cause of the explosion.

After the investigation, the investigators of the BPK Gorazde Ministry of the Interior, in cooperation with the fire protection inspector, will submit the report to the prosecutor’s office for inspection and the prosecutor’s decision.

The mentioned person suffered injuries to both hands, forearms, upper arms and is currently in a stable condition, and all injuries are the result of the shrapnel, “said Golubovic.

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