EUFOR-led Rescue Exercise held in Sarajevo

The area around Skakavac waterfall echoed to the sound of a EUFOR Agusta Bell 212, carrying out winching operations with the Federal Administration of Civil Protection (CPA), on Wednesday 17 July. Training was carried out for three rescue scenarios: a climber stuck on a cliff, a hiker with a broken leg and a person injured in a minefield. Each scenario was flown twice by the helicopter to ensure maximum training benefit was gained by both the aircrew and the CPA.

EUFOR’s Lieutenant Colonel Horst Unterrieder who organised the training said, “These joint training exercises demonstrate the close cooperation EUFOR has with the CPA. Our work today helps create a safer environment for everyone, as the skills practiced can be used in real cases to help save lives.”

The primary aim of the training was to increase the abilities of the Federal Administration of Civil Protection when helping to carry out medical evacuation by helicopter, however, the training also helped to highlight each organisation’s professionalism to the other and ensure that the excellent cooperation enjoyed in the past will continue.

Majda Kovač, from the Federal administration of Civil Protection said, “It is very important to do this type of training as the Administration of Civil Protection is the only organisation authorised to be able to quickly respond to incidents such as accidents in mine fields and we have to be able to use air medivac which can be provided either by the AFBiH or EUFOR.”

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