Let’s help Sajjra Poljo to stand on her Feet and live the Life she dreams about

Sajjra Poljo klix.baIn late February, when she was going back home from school, Sajjra Poljo was hit as a pedestrian by a vehicle at the speed of 90 kilometers per hour. The fact she survived the accident surprised the doctors, but she remained paralyzed.  Sajjra went through hard times of recovery, and she needs help of good people in order to walk again.

After the accident, Sajjra was diagnosed with Polytrauma.St.po commam cerebri.Fractura ossis illi I.dex.Fractura ramus superior et ramus inferior ossis pubis I.dex.VLC regio submentalis et lat.sin. et treg colli ant. Debriment. Suturae, and she successfully defeated all of them. Despite the fact that she has been in a wheel chair ever since, Sajjra is a happy girl who goes to school and fights for her life.

“I, as a nine-year-old girl, decided to fight, to stand up, because I have the whole life to live. I want to walk, to play, to live. I am a fighter, I exercise, and I often cry because this is not easy for me,” Sajjra said.

Sajjra Poljo zenicablog.comThe only injury left for Sajjra to defeat is the injury of the spinal cord, which got her paralyzed. Her further treatment includes paying 100,000 EUR for stem cell transplantation.

A number of charity events will be organized in Zenica, such as “Coffee for Sajjra Poljo” at the Hennessy Lounge and Pub, humanitarian concert, and sales of calendars with drawings by Sajjra, since she is very good at drawing.

Instructions for payment of money from abroad to the foreign currency account opened at the IK Bank JSC Zenica:


Name and surname: Sajjra Poljo

IBAN: BA391340130500013051


Payment to the current account: 134-010-01399592-86

For: Sajjra Poljo

Parents’ contact phone number: 0038761/019-800; 0038762/326-123

Charity number: 090 291 017

(Source: klix.ba)

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