Investors from Switzerland to invest in Petrovo?

Swiss investors

A representative and one of directors of the corporation “GABS AG“ from Switzerland, Lorenzo Plazzolo, stayed in the municipality Petrovo to review investment possibilities there. At the meeting with the Petrovo Mayor, Plazzolo expressed his desire to invest in this area, if there are, ‘real’ projects.

“To begin with, I met people from here and I am pleasantly surprised, I see that there is a lot of potential here“, emphasized Palazzolo.

“This was the first step of, I hope, the successful cooperation. In following days, we will cement ideas for projects and we preliminary agreed to organize a wider meeting soon, with potential investors from Switzerland, where possibilities of the municipality Petrovo will be presented“, said Ozren Petkovic, Mayor of the Municipality.

The company, “GABS AG,“ is a 250 year old family run business. Activities of the company are diversified and include the production of parts required in the automotive and military industry, as well as in the construction industry.


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